Heart for the City Garden

954 Eastland Avenue, Akron, OH, 44305

The Good Soil Garden at ‘Heart 4 The City’ is a Community Garden started to supplement dried goods given from our once a month Food Pantry with fresh foods high in nutrients. The garden also provides produce during our Free lunch program on an alternate Saturday.

We also incorporate the garden into our ‘Wednesday Club’ program which offers music, craft and learning activities to ~30 children from the ages of 7 to 11 once a week for 7 weeks. During one segment of the day, the children spend time planting and tending their own garden space and then go over to The Good Soil Garden to learn more about plant types, ways to care for them, and how to harvest the produce. Later, they also help in preparation of foods for lunch meals including veggie dips, cole slaw and cooked potatoes, beans, etc.