Our Guiding Principles and Membership Information

Summit Food Coalition has established Guiding Principles which govern our work and how we do it.  The full Guiding Principles can be found here.  A quick summary is below.


Mission Statement
The mission of Summit Food Coalition (SFC) is to collaboratively build the framework for a just, sustainable, and vibrant local food system.

Organizational Purpose
SFC works to create a strong, coordinated voice for stakeholders in the local food system.  Members include various government, non-profit, for-profit, co-op, university, and farm entities, as well as individuals. While members could be competing for scarce resources, SFC facilitates collaboration, networking, and mutual support to the benefit of the entire community.  

Meetings include presentations, collaborative activities, and opportunities for networking.  SFC provides leadership training, develops comprehensive food policy approaches, strengthens movement building, and invites member and community participation in decision-making and priority-setting.

Three Tiers of Membership
SFC's diverse and inclusive membership is comprised of three tiers:

  • Supporting Members recognize the impact of collective action through information and resource sharing. They receive notice of membership and relevant meetings and do not participate in voting.

  • Voting Members provide input, expertise, and recommendations for action to advance SFC's mission. They elect SFC's Advisory Committee and vote on other issues brought to the membership. They may request meeting agenda items. Voting Members are expected to participate in a Working Group, Standing Committee, or Ad Hoc Committee.

  • Advisory Committee Members govern the Coalition, providing strategic guidance on policy initiatives based on input from SFC's full membership. There are 15-19 Advisory Committee Members, which represent the diverse stakeholder groups of the SFC. These members also elect an Executive Committee, made up of a Chair/Co-Chairs, a Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Three Standing Committees
The three standing committees of SFC are Governance, Finance, and Communications.

  • Governance oversees internal policies, general Coalition integrity, and outreach for cultivating community participation.

  • Finance oversees grants and fundraising.

  • Communications creates excitement and educates the general public about SFC and oversees marketing and branding strategies.

Working Groups and Ad Hoc Committees are formed around emergent issues identified by the full membership and stakeholders.

Become a Member!  Help shape our local food future by becoming a Supporting or Voting member now.  Membership is free.