Summit Food Coalition Voting Member Pledge

Mission: Collaboratively building the framework for a just, sustainable, and local food system.

In the spirit of collaboration, this pledge represents the commitment and shared responsibilities of Voting Members dedicated to advancing the mission, vision, and collective impact of the Summit Food Coalition. 

I pledge:

1.      To adhere to Voting Member roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Guiding Principles.

2.      To establish as a high priority my attendance at all meetings, advisory committee, working groups, standing and sub-committees on which I have volunteered to serve, consistent with expectations defined in the Guiding Principles.

3.      To come prepared to discuss the issues and business to be addressed at scheduled meetings, having read the agenda and relevant background material.

4.      To understand systems of privilege, oppression, and racism, and use this knowledge to inform the work of Summit Food Coalition.

5.      To work to constructively improve our collaboration, offering constructive input when we face challenges.

6.      To represent the Coalition in a positive and supportive manner.

7.      To be accountable by using clear, direct, and inclusive communication.

8.      To avoid conflicts of interest between my position as a Voting Member and my personal or professional life.  If such conflict does arise, I will declare that conflict before the Coalition and refrain from voting on matters in which I have conflict.

9.      If I chair a working group, standing or sub-committee I will, with the support of SFC staff:

a.      Call meetings as necessary;

b.      Ensure that the agenda and support materials are emailed to all members in advance of the meetings;

c.      Conduct the meetings in an orderly, fair, open, and efficient manner;

d.      Make committee program report/minutes to the Coalition at its scheduled meetings

10.   As needed, to participate in

a.      Strategic planning retreats;

b.      Evaluation programs;

c.      Development workshops, seminars, and other educational events which enhance my skills as a member;

d.      Fundraising and ensure the organization has adequate funding for its programs.

As a Voting Member, I am fully committed and dedicated to the mission of Summit Food Coalition to collaboratively build the framework for a just, sustainable, and local food system.  I pledge to help Summit Food Coalition carry out this mission, consistent with the functions of Voting Membership as stated in the SFC Guiding Principles.

Summit Food Coalition’s Commitment to its Voting Members:

As part of the organization’s execution of its mission, Summit Food Coalition makes the following commitments to its Voting Members:

1.      We will provide you the opportunity for meaningful and rewarding service to our mission and our community;

2.      We will seek out opportunities for continued staff and member development;

3.      We will fulfill our duties as a backbone organization through direct or indirect support of mutually reinforcing activities;

4.      We will provide you in a timely way with the information you need to be an effective member;

5.      We will be diligent in making the best possible use of the assets you make available to us, whether those be assets of time, wisdom, experience, relationships, or money;

6.      We will schedule meetings in advance, and we will start and end meetings on time, unless a majority of those present at the time elect otherwise;

7.      We will make every effort to keep our meetings brief, relevant, interesting, and impactful;

8.      We will respond to the best of our ability to your questions and concerns;

9.      We will encourage your feedback and constructive criticism;

10.   We will do our utmost to be an organization of which all of us can be proud.

Membership implies a three-way commitment from members individually, members collectively, and Summit Food Coalition as a whole.  In the spirit of collaboration, I understand that Summit Food Coalition will rely on the collective commitments of its members in formulating its plans and executing its strategy.

By typing my first and last name below, I am confirming my acknowledgement of the above Summit Food Coalition Voting Member pledge.